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Feel Better to Think Better

Welcome to a different kind of Behavioral Consulting. One that encourages you to plunk yourself down, take a breath and exhale.

It is time.

Now is the time to look at old problems and find new solutions. Now is the time to consider ways to improve key relationships and explore striving for new highs in your life.

We can do this together one-on-one, or an informal group, or in a workshop. Whichever method suits you best - you create the topic, we have an interactive experience and you leave with answers, tools and ideas for an easier life.

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Welcome to L.I.N.C.

Learning Inner Needs of Children (L.I.N.C.) is a Montreal based consulting business that looks to nurture, strategize and increase the overall well being of parents, kids and individuals who are ready to take the next step.

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Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I'll find peace. Spirit says: Find your peace and everything will fall into place. - Marianne Williamson

Human Behaviour Consultant

My formula to approach interventions is a simple one.

When I look at the struggles in a person’s life, I look through the lens of developmental attachment. This means that when an individual ( child or adult ) is presenting with; ADHD, anxiety, Autism Spectrum disorder, OCD, ODD, etc, I consider some of the most powerful thrusts in behavior being where they are in their personal growth and who is it in their “circle” that is promoting their evolution - or not.This path works naturally hand in hand with Mother Nature, something that is quickly losing steam in this pharmaceutical and diagnosis driven society.

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In our time together I fully expected to tell you about our son and obviously you knew him better than I.
– Father of Three
Tu m’as aide a me sentir approprie dans mon role de maman sans recouvrir d’un role d’amerture ma propre enfance.
– Patricia – Mere d’une belle fille enjouee de 21 mois

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We feel fortunate to have had Debbie come to our school to discuss the topic "Understanding the Bully Within". Debbie is such an amazing, passionate, and knowledgeable speaker. Her approach and insights from a developmental attachment perspective awakens us as parents to become in tune with our instincts and hold our children close.
– Ericka Baron – St. John Fisher Elementary Home & School
Your insight helped me better respond to her in difficult situations and it’s encouraging to see improvement from the changes I'm making. You share your solid parenting knowledge with such reassuring warmth and compassion that I'll never hesitate to recommend you to friends.
– Suzanne – Mother of a Four Year Old
This is an amazing course. Great techniques! Follows the attachment philosophy, something that isn't taught enough in parenting books.
Debbie asks what we want to learn and works with the class to address that. I love this class!
- West Island Women's Centre Course Participant Feedback

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